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“My husband and I (had) Mr. Daisley handle a personal injury claim for a car wreck that my husband had suffered.  From the start, Mr. Daisley was kind, compassionate, and extremely competent. In addition to these qualities, Mr. Daisley, as well as his assistant, Ms. Maybach, were always quick to provide my husband with updates regarding the status of his claim. Mr. Daisley displays a down to earth nature… from the first moment we met him we felt at ease…   I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Daisley to anyone….  In a world with many choices and options for legal representation, I feel confident that Mr. Daisley resides at the position of top choice for his personal service, care, and diligence in protecting the rights of his clients–as well as helping to secure the relief sought. Thank you again Mr. Daisley, you are truly a diamond!”    — Juliana and Jaime G. (Charlotte)  July 2014  

“Mike’s skill and experience as a mediator were key in resolving a complex construction case before trial. His determination to get a resolution is a quality everyone should want in their mediator.”  — Kyle Nutt  Former Law Clerk to Judge Albert Diaz, Associate Litigation Attorney with Shipman & Wright, LLP (Wilmington)

“I was referred to Mike Daisley after a serious accident with a tractor-trailer.  The level of care and compassion Mr. Daisley showed far exceeded what I could have ever expected.  He provided frequent updates regarding my claim with an unmatched level of clarity.  Not only did Mike represent me with utmost professionalism, but the knowledge he bestowed regarding my rights is priceless.  Although I wish the accident had never occurred, he made the claim process as painless as possible.  If I ever find myself in a similar situation again, I would not hesitate to contact DaisleyLaw for legal representation.”     — Brian F.   (Charlotte)  March 2014

“Mike is a skillful mediator who can bring parties together. Recently, he successfully mediated a difficult and complicated case in which I represented one of the litigants. I have known him for many years and recommend him as an attorney and mediator.”    — R. Michael Eve, Jr.    Litigation Attorney, Justice, Eve & Edwards, P.A. (Charlotte)

“Mike Daisley handled my injury claim against “City Hall” to my full satisfaction.  The unsafe conditions that caused them were a danger the public. Other lawyers I contacted weren’t even interested once they learned it wasn’t “a big case.”  Mike took my situation seriously, agreed that public safety was important, and fought until he achieved the results I was seeking.  As a result of his involvement the conditions that led to my accident were corrected; helping protect others in the future. And I was fairly compensated for my medical expenses and everything I had to endure.  If you have a legal issue, I would strongly recommend Mike.  He is persistent, persuasive, and passionate!  Thanks for the great results!!!”   — Alan B.   (Charlotte)  March 2014

“Mike is a friend and colleague whom I have known for several years. I would not hesitate to recommend him on civil litigation matters. He is one of the nicest people you will meet, and he is very smart and diligent in his law practice.”    —  Bob BollingerWorkers’ Compensation Lawyer in Charlotte, NC

“When I first came to Mike Daisley, it was because my previous attorney had simply sat on my case, and not moved it.  I had been injured over two years earlier by a drunk driver, and was very concerned.  In addition to all my physical problems, and changes to my lifestyle, the fact that nothing was being done to hold this driver and his bad behavior accountable was really bothering me.  (My life had been significantly changed – I could no longer surf or ski or really even swim.)  Mike not only understood that, he also was able to persuasively present my case to the insurance company and defense attorney so that we were able to satisfactory settle my claim at mediation. Mike was always very candid with me, even with bad news. (He had overlooked something in my case one time, but he immediately told me about it, and we got it straightened out.)  He was also compassionate with my parents, who were of course really concerned about my situation.”                                             — David D.  (Charlotte)  September 2013

“I have known Mike in both a professional and personal capacity for a number of years. I have worked with him on several cases and I believe him to be one of the most conscientious and caring attorneys that I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Mike’s patience and attention to detail exemplify his caring attitude as an attorney and a person.”  Robert Hoskins, Partner at Foster Law Firm in Greenville, SC

“Mike is very personable,  It was pleasant and painless settling my case.  I was treated with respect and they were attentive to my needs.  They were professional and kind.  I would definitely recommend DaisleyLaw to anyone who needed a lawyer after being injured by a big truck like I was.”    — Maria U.  (Charlotte)  Oct. 2013

“Michel Daisley assisted me with my personal injury case.  He used his personal injury expertise to get me the settlement I deserved.  I was pleased with his professional demeanor and would recommend DaisleyLaw to anyone involved in personal injury.”     — Dennis M.  (Charlotte)  March 2014

Another attorney recommended I get in touch with Mr. Daisley, after i got into a pretty bad car wreck.  From the very start his personal attention, and the prompt response of his staff, really made this difficult process a lot easier.  Unfortunately, at the time of the wreck, I had no health insurance, and the DaisleyLaw staff contacted all of my doctors and providers, and made sure all my bills were paid.  I really liked the personal attention I received there and would recommend Mike Daisley and his law firm for persons that are in that tough position like I was.”    — Conrad C.  Concord, NC    May 2013

“I was very pleased by Mike Daisley and his team. Even though I was in the middle of a tough experience, Mike was very reassuring when I first met with him. He has compassion with his clients and is an extremely knowledgeable and professional attorney. His guidance and honesty always let me know he was looking out for my best interest, and in doing so, kept my cost as efficient as possible. Without a question, if I needed repesentation again, I would choose Mike Daisley.”  — Ashley A. Charlotte, NC  July 2012

“Having known Mike for many years, I wholeheartedly recommend him as a knowledgeable attorney committed to the best possible recovery for his clients. His experience as a mediator allows him to see both sides and be prepared for opposing arguments. Mike goes above and beyond to help his clients.”   ––  Martha Ramsay,  Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Charlotte, NC

“I have found Michel Daisley, as my attorney, to be professional, compassionate and extremely knowledgeable about the law.  He is a very fine man.”    — S. Garvey  May, 2012

“Experienced, compassionate attorney. Years of “in-the-trenches” advocacy. Certified Mediator between litigants. Super nice person, with excellent client skills. A Lawyer’s Lawyer” 
F. William “Bill” Powers — Criminal Defense DUI / DWI Attorney in Charlotte, NC

“I was in a car accident in 2008 and Michel Daisley was my attorney.  He helped me get everything that I deserved.  My doctor bills were paid and even without my knowing it, he continued to work AFTER my case was closed to get back some funds that had been paid due to overcharging by one of my medical providers.  I consider him not only my lawyer, but also now a friend.”   — Linda B.  Fall 2011

You all did a fantastic job and the mediation judge told me that.  Thank you for all that you did.  You know that I love you all and I am truly thankful.”  — SG, March 2012

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